Sunday, January 22, 2012

10. Listen to Music

We all listen to music all the time. We all have music on our computers, our iPods, or our phones; we bring it with us wherever we go. But spending all that money on music on iTunes can make you go broke. So I have a few tips on how to listen to music without going broke.
My first tip is Pandora. Pandora is one of my favorite websites to go to to listen to music. When you create an account on it, it asks you to put in a song. (I would put in my favorite song, but that's just me.) After that, Pandora will automatically start playing a song. You can like and dislike songs and Pandora will adjust accordingly. You can also create different stations using different songs. And if you want to listen to Pandora on the go, they have an app!
Be on the lookout for free downloads. I know Seventeen! recently had free song downloads available (sadly there was only 1,000 downloads available per song and I didn't manage to get to it in time). YouTube! Artists usually have their songs up on it and it's not hard to make an account and a playlist of your favorite songs. The only things is that if you have slow internet, your songs will take forever to load and/or they'll be really choppy. On the upside though it's free and you can choose exactly what songs you want to listen to unlike Pandora.
 Hope this was helpful! :)

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