Wednesday, January 18, 2012

9. Play Doodle Jump or Fruit Ninja

These are my favorite games to play on my iPod. Of course, you can also play them on other devices too including the Blackberry and the Kindle Fire. For those of you who aren't familiar with these games, they are extremely fun and addictive.

In Doodle Jump you are a little character named Doodle who jumps on platforms. The higher you jump up the platforms the better score you get. Your objective is to get the highest score you can before you either miss a platform, jump into a monster, get abducted by a UFO, or get sucked into a black hole. Also, Doodle Jump has a multiplayer option (this may be only on the iPod touch), where you get to race other players to the finish line. Another great thing about Doodle Jump is that it's every changing. There's always new themes coming out, so you never get bored.

In Fruit Ninja you slice fruit. It's not like you're cooking or anything. You get points for the number of fruits you slice. There are four different modes:
Classic: You slice fruit until you miss three of them or you slice a bomb. DON'T slice the bombs. Also, if you miss a fruit, every time you get 100 points, the number of fruits you missed goes down one.
Arcade: You have 60 seconds to hit as many fruits as you can. There are also special bananas that if you hit, you either get a multiplier, a fruit frenzy, or the fruit slows down so you can get all of it. If you hit the bombs in this mode, you lose 10 points.
Zen: In this mode you have 1 minute 30 seconds to hit as many fruit as you can without the worry of bombs. This is a good opportunity to practice getting combos.
Multiplayer: I'm not entirely sure how this mode works as I have never played it before. I'm pretty sure though that you are side by side (online) trying to hit more fruit than the other.
Note: All these modes are only available if you buy Fruit Ninja. Fruit Ninja Lite only has Classic mode.

Haven't convinced you? Both apps are rated 4 1/2 stars. Why wouldn't you buy them?

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