Tuesday, January 03, 2012

6. African Capitals

Do you know all the African capitals? If the answer is yes, then I dare you to go to this link and all the capitals correct first try. Then comment below saying DONE! with the number of seconds it took you. Remember to do ALL of Africa.

If you don't know the African capitals, no problem, just practice until you get it and then comment below with the number of tries and number of seconds it took you to get that one hundred percent. I'm going to be working on this too and I'll update this post when I get all of them right. The best I've gotten so far is 98% because I got one wrong. ONE! Oh, well. Next time.

Have fun, don't cheat, and remember to do ALL of Africa!

Update: WOOT, WOOT! I got all of Africa! Now beat my time: 112 secs

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