Monday, September 10, 2012

18. Write About a Random Word

A lot of times, when I'm bored, I'll take a word and write as much as I can about it. Usually I just stop when I get bored with the word. Here's an example:

Random Word: Objection

The first thing I think of when I hear objection is when someone says, "I object!" at a wedding. Of course that only happens in movies. I mean, it could happen in real life, I've just never heard of it. I also thing of meetings and if there is something that needs to be decided, like, what color to paint the new school bathroom. I imagine people saying, "Any objections?" Also, relating back to the wedding thing, I always think of the Shrek movie where he runs into the wedding and screams, "I OBJECT!"

That was a piece of raw writing you just read right there. No editing or anything.

Here are some random word generators:
Random Word Generator (Plus) - You can choose what type of word (noun, adjective, verb, etc.) and the complexity of the word (Common, Average, etc.)
Creative Random Word Generator - You can choose how many words you want (1-8 words).
Random Word Generator - Choose the length of the word, what letter it begins with, and how many words you would like to generate.
Random Word Generator With Definitions - You click on a button and it comes up with a random word and a definition.

Also, gives you a new random word each day and you have a minute to write as much as you can about it. Then it gets posted into the community where everyone can read it. I liked it for about a day, but I always have a lot going on so I didn't have time to do it.

Have a random word rant? Post it in the comments!

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